Last night after dinner, my coworker who will leave next month came to check if I really want to join the cycling trip on Nov. 1st. One way trip from our factory to the destination Hui-Chou is 62km (around 39 miles), so the round trip will be 124km. We will make a detour during the trip. Thus the whole trip may be more than 130km. Finally he smiled and told me, it is still not too late for me to quit the plan...


It is obvious that I have to call a cab if I feel exhausted or get hurt or can not move during the trip. My partners can help me to prepare chocolate or fix flat tire and but it's impossible for them to bring me back with my bike altogether. I understand this well.

Really, I totally understand his concern so I chose to disregard the little sound echoing in my mind that I could not finish the tour by myself. His concern (and worried attitude) makes me more pratical. I will go to bike distributor tomorrow night to maintain my bike: check every parts and change worn-out accessories. Of course I will bring cell phone with me in case something happen in the middle of trip. Safety is always the top priority.

Porsche baby, let me dedicate this as your birthday present say if I can finish the 130km tour. ha ha.


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